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Garcia Garcia Misael



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Born in Mexico, Federal District October 27, 1991,consider hummingbird flowers in kindergarten, primary Dr. miguel silva, leon felipe 109 high school, high school naucalpan Conalep 1 currently study at the Technological University of nezahualcoyotl, computer systems career.

I love sports especially volleyball as the technology of the computer systems. 

Phone: 62814385
Phone: 04455-51963774

My Goals

My personal and professional goals are to:

  1. Being one of the best informaticos
    • Working for a major corporation
    • Having knowledge to apply to the company and be productive
  2. Develop mobile applications
  3. Create a viodeojugo for consoles XBOX 360 and Playstation 3
  4. Give better life for my family financially
  5. Being the best brother and son to my family

My Attributes and Skills

My most important attributes and skills include:

  • I learn things very fast.
  • I like it more practical than theoretical.
  • I have ability to work on precione.
  • I have to do is always some activity.
  • I like working in teams.

  • Knowledge in:

  • * Maintenance of computer equipment
  • -Hardware

  • * Updates of computer equipment
  • - Software

  • * Web Application Development using
  • -Word
  • -HTML
  • -HTML5
  • -Dreamweaver
  • -PHP
  • -Anim-fx

  • * Development of database using:
  • -MySQL - Command Line Client
  • -MySQL - Worbkbench 5.1 OSS
  • - PhpMyAdmin Database Manager Version 2.10.3
  • -Oracle Database - SQL - Developer
  • -Access 2010 - 2013

  • * Develop programs using:
  • -Jcreator
  • -PHP
  • -JavaScript

  • * Development of analysis and design companies using:
  • - IBM Rational Rose Enterprise Edition 7.0

  • * Use of operating systems like:
  • -Ubuntu
  • -Fedora
  • -Windows 8
  • -Open suse
  • -Linux
  • -Debias

  • * Basic knowledge of English.

  • * Knowledge of basic computer equipment
  • -Save Files
  • -Compress Files
  • -Give direction to files
  • -See the features of the files
  • -Install Programs and updates

My Hobbies

My most favorite things to do are:

  • Being with my loved loved coexisting.
  • Playing volleyball and soccer.
  • View History channel documentaries and discovery.
  • Leaving the city for sightseeing.
  • Playing board games.
  • Go to technology centers to see updates.

If I was Wealthy

If I were rich utilies would buy things for me and my family, would help people in need such as the poor,
intituciones as would also donate to orphanages.

How to Contact Me

Phone In Person
Daytime 5562814385 At School
Evening 5562814385 At the gym
Night 50827270 At Home

Places I've Visited

I've visited quite a few places, but my favorite was in mumbai where we get to a mountain where we had to climb to the top, it was an experience unforgettable.
Here are some places I have visited that I really liked:

Continent Cities 2006 2012 Temporada
Centro America Tlaxcala
With my friends.
With my family.
On vacation!
With my family.
With my friends.

My Favorite Quote

It was when I went to queretaro with one of my girlfriends,   where the weather was beautiful, talking about things that were going to do in the future, dorminos good and we were under the stars at dawn in the field next to a river with very warm climate.
It was certainly the best quote.

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A link to my blog would go here, if I had one